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Non Cataloged standard Products

Union Technology Corp. is engaged in the manufacture of multilayer ceramic capacitors, assemblies, and other devices. As products are conceived, produced and sold, they move from the custom product stage, to those of standard products and become available to our entire customer list.


Catalogs are updated from time to time, but in the interim period between these updates, we add those new products to our web site for customer consideration.


PB2N1X7R826MB_ Radial Stack, 100VDC, X7R, 82uF, 20%


PB5JIX7R305MB250 Radial Stack 100V, X7R, 3uF., 20%


PB2220J1X7R106KBC Radial Stack 100V, X7R, 10uF., 10%


PB2225J1X7R105MAG_ Radial Stack 100V, X7R, 1uF., 20%


PB2225J1X7R305MATG Radial Stack 100V, X7R, 3uF., 20%


PG2225L1X7R475MAT200_ Radial Stack 50VDC, 4.7uF., 20%


PG4040J1X7R226MA235T_ Radial Stack 50VDC, 22uF., 20%


PS5550J1X7R455MA300_ Radial Stack 500VDC, 4.5uF., 20%


RB4742X7R395KBC Radial 50V, X7R, 3.9uF., 5%


RB8965X7R396JBC Radial 50V, X7R, 39uF., 5%


RG5550X7R226KB04AC Radial Stack 50V, X7R, 22uF., 10%


RG5550X7R336KB04AC Radial Stack 50V, X7R, 33uF., 10%


RG5780X7R336KB04A Radial Stack 50V, X7R, 33uF., 10%


RS5550X7R155KB02AC Radial 500V, X7R, 1.5uF, 10%


RS5550X7R225MB575 Radial, 500VDC, 2.2uF, 20%


RW2020X7R152MA200 Radial, 2000VDC, X7R, 1500pF., 20%